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A Whole New All Things Random??

So I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while. And today I’m finally here to tell you about the exciting new weekly posts that I’ll be adding to my blog.You maybe knowing that I’ve been blogging for about 10 months now and I’ve only posted stuff on here when I feel like it or when I have something to share. But, I want to try a new approach towards blogging. Of course, you’d be like that’s cool you should do it! It’s easier said than done.

Anyway here are the new weekly posts that I’ve thought of. (DISCLAIMER! Most of them are named after food. Cause food’s my most favorite thing in life) :



I’ve been thinking over the idea of blogging and when you blog what you typically do is share stuff about and around your life. I feel like it’d be fun if I shared a few experiences I have in my daily life which may be funny, serious or even sad (basically include all kinds of emotions in here). And because I wanted to give it a different name when compared to the general ones I named it CHAI & SAMOSA. Also maybe I’ll share a few places I’ve been to which serve great Chai/ Samosa. I cannot promise that it’ll be every week but, I’ll try add a place every 2 weeks.

CHAI & SAMOSA popped out in my head because they’re the most common snacks in India.  CHAI meaning tea and SAMOSA means potato curry stuffed in a sheet of puff pastry kind of dough which is deep-fried in oil (Sorry that’s the best I could do with its explanation). I think you’ll find a chai bandi (stall sort of or more like an immobile food van) in every lane or every other one. It is usually a stall that also serves you with other hot beverages such as coffee, lemon tea and drinks which have milk involved in them. I personally am not a fan of tea but, I have three crazy friends and my mom who’ve got enough research material for me to find a good stall around any area in my city. And SAMOSAs are something that I’ve been eating since I was a child. They are one of my most favorite snack which is Indian and I can never get over them!

Chai Bandi!


Samosaa ❤

Fun fact Chai Samosa is a very famous term used out here when people want to have some down time and chill with their friends.



I did leave a disclaimer about them being named after food didn’t I? And when it comes to this one am leaving it for blogging challenges. I’ve seen quite a few challenges that I’ve wanted to try & there are one or two of them that I’d like to add of my own. So, PANI PURI is all about the different kinds of challenges I’ll probably try by myself or even with a friend. Things are still in the work-in-progress stage so let’s see how they’ll turn out!

Coming to the name; PANI PURI is one of the most loved snack among Indians. Parts of India calls it GOLGAPPA and parts of it calls it PANI PURI. This is another food that I’ve grown up eating. And I was introduced to this one by dad. And as you can guess by now that I also have a research expert in this area! They are also found in many places but, I don’t think you’ll find them at the same frequency as that of a Chai bandi’s. I cannot explain how they’re made but, here’s a picture of how they look!

Pani Puri/ Golgappa 😀


I’ve always held back on this topic. And the reason being I feel like am not a big enough blogger to hold a meet and greet. But, what dawned on me was you don’t really need to be a big blogger for having a meet and greet on your blog. As meet and greet is all about promoting bloggers and to also finding new blogging friends. So, I’ve decided that I’ll post a meet and greet for every 2 weeks. And, let’s see how this goes. Honestly, speaking this is the post am the most excited and also very nervous about.


Also the contents of this post may change over a period of time as I’ve already told you at the beginning that am trying out new ways/methods of blogging and I hope I succeed. My routine unusual and irregular posts be it poetry, prose or just rambling will keep going up as posts at their own pace (meaning whenever I find something I want to write about and share it with you guys!).

If you’re an Indian reading this post. Am sorry if I’ve stated any facts related to the foods mentioned above wrongly please feel free to leave a comment down below of what needs to be corrected.

Images taken from Google.

As always thank you if you’ve stuck around until the end of the blog. And have read through this long ramble of mine! Here’s to a fun weekend!



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