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And it ended!!

And it has ended! I so wish there was another plot of some sort for Kubo-sensei to continue with Bleach. But, as they say everything comes to an end and that’s what happened to Bleach too( 😦 ).  Before jumping into my ramble about this amazing series called Bleach let me give a short intro to it.

Bleach is basically a famous Japanese manga whose author is Tite Kubo (as you can see in the picture). And this is what you’ll find in the first few pages of the manga. A teenage boy called “Kurosaki Ichigo” who has the ability to see ghosts. And one fine day he has an encounter with a girl dressed in a samurai’s costume and her name is “Kuchiki Rukia”. She claims that she’s a “Shinigami”meaning Death God. And that’s where the whole series began. I shall stop right here or else it’ll feel like am giving away the plot of the series than just the intro to it. If you’re interested in reading the manga version of Bleach there are quite a few websites that have it, such as Manga Panda or Mangareader. If you’re not really a person who likes reading, Bleach was also an anime series you can google it am sure there are a lot of websites that have Bleach on them to watch online or even download if you’re lucky enough. And if you’re wondering what is it that I’ve been going on about on this post you should go check this one out from my blog:  Where it all began…

Now, coming to the main topic of the post! Bleach has always had a special place in my collection of manga that I’ve read or anime that I’ve watched. It was basically the first ever anime that I got into as a teenager/adult you could say. And the plot to this particular anime is really well portrayed! This got me even more interested into the anime.There are a few aspects of the series that I’d really like to highlight and they’re given below:

The epic beginning! 😀


The Bond:

I think most of the people who’ve read Bleach will agree with me. At least I hope they do. One of the best parts about the whole series is the bond that each individual shares with another. The bond that Ichigo has with his family, friends and Karakura Town is obvious to everyone. But, the bond that Kyoraku and Ukitake share is literally friendship goals for me. The unique bond that Kenpachi has with Yachiru is another one worth quoting. And are you kidding me with a relation like of Gin and Rangikus’! Also how can I ever forget the awesomness of Urahara and Yoruichi!! I know there are a lot of names which are either very familiar for some of you (who read Bleach) and some of you have absolutely no clue about what all those names are. But, really given me a chance I would have mentioned each and every character of Bleach if I could cause almost all of them are so interconnected.

The Plot:

I agree that Bleach is quite a famous series. But, obviously it is famous because of its amazing plot. There is not one part of the series that you’ll feel like he’s dragging the story too long. I mean no offense to any other series what so ever because each and every one of them is awesome in their own way! The plot of Bleach  is so well aligned and placed so carefully. And, I basically like humor even in these kinds of series (meaning action related). And with Bleach I feel like it has everything balanced out!

The Characters:

This is maybe the biggest reasons why I love Bleach!? There’s not one character that is unimportant or super important. They each have their own place in the big picture. I love each and every character in the series which also includes the bad guys, I mean without Ulquiorra, Stark or Haschwalth Bleach wouldn’t have been Bleach!! And of course, when I compliment the bad guys I need to do the same for the good ones right!? The Goutei 13 are like the super cool captains that you’ll ever see. Each of them carrying out their responsibilities in their own stride is worth all the compliments that I have in my vocabulary. And the underhanded helping/not really of Urahara Kisuke and the Ishida family is always a fun part to watch/read.

The Message:

Okay this is not just with Bleach. But, if you ever come across any anime or manga. Most of them (anime/ manga) always have a message behind them and that’s one of the many reasons why I am so obsessed about them. And Bleach is all about those messages and as you read your way through the series which has 686 chapters to it. After you finish each phase of the series, I at least found a new learning out of it! And this makes it very flexible for any age group to read!  And I feel like the ultimate message of Bleach is to have the COURAGE to stand up and fight for whatever reasons you have in life. Kubo-sensei uses the word in the very end of the series and I feel like that’s why he used it!

Well am obviously no anime/manga critic. But, I did really want to sit down and write a post on an amazing series like Bleach that has come to an end sadly! A series that was a part of my life for over 3 years now. A series that taught me so many lessons about life and not just about life but a lot more than that. And a series that is and will be as dear as a friend to me for a lifetime!


I know maybe I got a bit too carried away in the last few lines. But, that just shows how much I love Bleach. That’s it for this ramble which is ending on a bitter sweet note. Anyway, thank you if you’ve stuck around till the end to read through the post. Leave me a comment if you’ve ever read any series until the end and how you’ve felt about it! Or maybe not just read even watched it will do.




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