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August already??

It’s kinda nerve wrecking to see that my calendar already shows  that it’s August. I mean seriously it’s kinda weird cause it feels like yesterday that I’ve been going through the struggle of blogging everyday and yes am talking about the April A to Z Challenge. Where have all the months between April to August gone? It’s not just since April, I’ve been feeling the flight of time since the beginning of this year.

Am not really complaining but, it sure feels like am flying along with time. Yet, not making much progress as time does. I feel like I finally get it when people say “Time waits for no one.” it sure doesn’t. There have been days in my past where I’ve literally waited for the clock to tick to a certain time so that I can be set free of the mandatory school hours and go home.

And then there’s now I keep going through my days and they seem as if they’re hours of the same day. It’s kinda scary but I get it. I’ve been busy doing a lot of things lately and that might have gotten me a little out of sync with hours and days. I say that but, all I do after a long day is sit back and catch up on some Manga or Music (Sorry, I just cannot help myself).

It’s just so hard on people who like watching time doing its thing that I can’t really see it do its thing cause am busy or so I say! Take for example my blog itself it’s almost a year old I mean nearing a year (9 months that’s close enough when time is running like now). I could never have thought that I’d come this far with it honestly! At a point of time I even contemplated on why I was blogging.

But, then again I’ve found some really awesome people out here. I cannot say I’ve built friendships it’s still too early or maybe am just not that sociable. But, let me quickly put in a few bloggers and their blogs : Sneha from Of Musings and Other Things (A friend who got me all into this game of blogging. You have to check this one out!) DVon from Elegant Simplicity (Loved her blog name and love her stuff too) Sandra from What sandra thinks (Love her poems a huge fan!) Bun Karyudo from Bun Karyudo (This is surely a funny blog!) Tan Nguyen from Mindoftannguyen (His poem’s are superb that’s that!) Jason from Harsh reality (I mean you gotta know Jason!??) Sharon from ELEMENT (This blog is all about healing) Nikki from A Kinder Way (What can I say the name speaks for itself!) Dray from DREAM BIG DREAM OFTEN (You would have stumbled upon his blog am sure) Sherri from Mysticalwriter (Lovely blog do check it out!) Trina from itsgoodtobecrazysometimes (Thank you so much for the Blogger Recognition Award I don’t know even now if I deserve that! And yet again the name of the blog speaks for itself!)

Ha ha am sorry that was not few at all but, all of them are awesome. And there’s actually more of them. If I start it’ll end with every blogger I follow and I will follow in the future. That’s how awesome each blogger is in their own way!

I know I began the blog with a very different topic and am ending on a very different one. But, that’s how bloggers role I guess!


And that’s a successful end of yet another ramble from my side! Like always thanks if you stuck around till the end to read through this crazy little ramble of mine! Here’s hoping that we all have a productive and an enthusiastic week ahead.

– ATR –


7 thoughts on “August already??”

  1. Hi
    Congratulations on your upcoming blog anniversary.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger! I was his featured blogger too!
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Am still about 2 months away from it but, thanks anyway.😊😊
      Am very very great full for being featured up on his bloggers list! All of us are I guess that’s how we meet! 😁
      I will surely stop by your blog soon. Am for sure in need of so pro tips about blogging as I still feel like am no where close to being even good enough with blogging. 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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