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Things that I left behind

They start to show up again

Even though I put my all into their bind

They come back at me unbound wearing a grin

They take their time and last

Almost like they’re new

Maybe even longer than the past

But the last time they were just a few

With a pain that cannot subside

And a mind with no restraint

The deeper it gets into my inside

My longing for warmth grows faint

To the countless tears I’ve shed

In my past and the present

I cannot even turn to the hopes I’ve held

The hopes of my past that I resent

The pain leaving me so lost

And yet the will in me refuses to give in

Taking a decision which can cost

Cost another scar in the future again

Forming new scales of skin with the solution that I found

And yet, they don’t let me go that far

They scrape all over the wound

Leaving me with a scar.


And that’s that. I don’t really have a talk back or anything of that sorts for this one. Just hope that you’ve had a great day. Despite the fact that it’s a Tuesday here’s hoping that you have a great week.



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