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My recent Obsession

So recently I’ve been obsessed with everything that’s related to South Korea basically K- Pop but also Korean drama. I mean you can tell from my previous post can’t you? I was into K- Pop even before I knew it was K-Pop basically I discovered this song by the boy band DBSK and the song is Why did I fall in love with you. And that was a song I discovered like ages ago almost like 4-5 years ago. I didn’t know they were a Korean boy band that’s cause I didn’t probe too much into it.

I did try to get into more of their songs but, I was a kid then. I did get into one other band called CN Blue and I had loved how they performed and one of my favorite songs of their’s of all time is You’ve fallen for me. As I said I was a kid and this was around 3  years ago and I had a different taste back then.

Coming back to the main topic it all began last year I think in October or even earlier I am not too sure I was looking for new music to indulge myself into. And what better way than to go through YouTube music genres and there I found Asian music or some name of the same sort. And the first song was GOT7‘s and it was called Just Right. And I was in love with everything about the song the cute yet handsome guys in it, the beat of the song, their dance, their outfits and the whole idea of it was so new yet fascinating to me. Up until then I was the kind who was always into bands meaning famous ones like Cold Play, One Republic, Backstreet Boys and music from movies cause that’s how it is here in India.

And they were like the first group so I binge watched almost all of their Music Videos. After obsessing over the 7 boys for a good month I then accidentally stumbled upon BTS and they fascinated me even more than GOT7. One cause they were a more experienced boy band and I love Jin cause he loves food also his voice and Rap Monster is like so awesome. And that was not the end cause K- Pop has a wide range of artists I’ve been discovering new music everyday almost.

The reason I got so obsessed with it is that I am the kind of person who listens to music most of the part of my day and with K – Pop you never get tired cause there are so many bands and that too good ones that once you’re done obsessing over one band the other one comes out with a new set of songs all over and the process keeps going on. And the same goes with their Drama the best part is most of them are short and once you’re done with one you already have another one lined up and for people like who cannot wait for the next episode to come out this is like the best solution/ combination.

The Variety shows that the Korean Entertainment has created is beyond any fans imagination. I mean seriously I feel like there’s no other Country that has done a better job than Korea when it comes to variety shows. It has everything from radio shows (SuKiRa), special stages (M Countdown), impersonations, dating between two strangers from the entertainment industry (We Got Married), game shows (A Song For You & After School Club), and above all that the ultimate vlogging of each group on their respective YouTube channels. That in itself is enough for a fan to feel as if they are a part of the group.

The culture there seems very cool too. And finally the abundance of nature there made me fall even deeper for the place than I already have. It’s not like I have any less nature out here in India. But, obviously you never get enough of something that you like right? Lastly it was really hard for me to understand Hangul but, after you get used to it. It’s kind of easy to get and understand as well.

Well thanks for sticking around and reading this rant of mine till the end. Given the opportunity I would for sure love to visit South Korea even though I might die off of starvation cause I am vegetarian and almost every dish in Korea involves meat in one or the other form. And that can be dealt with once I go there.

A few other bands am obsessed with and if you’re new to K – Pop you should go check them out:

Big Bang

Super Junior



Girls Generation


There are a lot more than just these. And I literally mean a lot more.

Have you been obsessing over something recently. If yes and if it’s not a secret I’d love to know what your new obsession is by commenting what it is and how you found it. Leave a like if you enjoyed the read. And also do go and check out at least one of the bands I promise you won’t be disappointed.

– ATR –


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