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Been a While

It’s been awhile since my last post, 2 months to be precise. I did have a few ideas for a post but I never got to writing them down. I have no excuses but that for not posting.

Well for now I hope you enjoy this post. It’s actually an inspiration from a korean drama I’ve watched recently. And if you’re into watching dramas relating to life or friendship I’d recommend this one to you. The name of the drama is “너를 사랑한 시간” (The Time We Were Not In Love)

The times when am the most happy

The first person I think of is you

It’s as if I have an auto set-button to share it with you

A glance into your eyes

And I know how you feel about something

It’s as if you’re a book that I’ve read over and over

Sneaking up pranks on each other

And never getting tired of it

It’s as if we are kids from grade school

Walking into your house as if it’s mine

And your parents treating me like their own child

It’s as if we are siblings that grew up together

You even know my deepest of secrets

Things that even my parents don’t know

It’s as if you can look right through me as clear as water

Finding me when I’m the most weak

And being there for me every single time

It’s as if you’re an imaginary friend who’s always around me

The dreams you shared with me from when we were young

Watching you catch up to them

It’s as if I am watching my own child grow up and nevertheless feeling proud

Even if you’re far away

You always leave traces of yourself around me

It’s as if  you’re a daily habit of mine which is there for good.


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