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Look at that 😍😍

When it’s all lightning’s and thunders.

The sun likes showing off a little tiny bit, which is oh so beautiful to watch.

P.S. I didn’t do enough justice to the sun cause it was raining and I couldn’t get a proper angle to take the picture and stuff. But, then I still tried my best to capture its charm I guess.

It was so much more magnificent and beautiful than it really is here. I mean it was really gloomy and cloudy on the other side of the sky which I didn’t capture. And this side was the right opposite of it. Nature truly does have so many sides to it that amuse us.

This picture or scenery literally made me feel a lot more better. And even though it was at the end of the day it felt like a really good ending to the day. Times like this are when I think ah nature’s wonders do exist.

Comment how your day was I’d really like to know how you guys spent your day and if you’re starting your day how do you feel about your day.


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