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Z – Zones

“Linda do you wanna join us for an after class hangout?” asked her friend Nathan. She immediately replied “No, got work sorry Nathan.” as if she had practiced this dialogue over and over. Now it just comes out with the flow. She had been a part of this group since she had joined the college. They were now in their second year.

Linda knew she was with a bunch of spoilt brats. Who had too much time to waste despite that they were pretty smart kids. She wouldn’t still join into a group other than for Nathan and Susan they were very sweet to her when she had introduced herself to people. She was also forced to join them by both of their group she still hasn’t figured the reason out. But, Linda was in a completely different zone than her group.

She had to work hard at her job so that she could save up and buy herself her basic needs and also could afford going out at times. Linda usually saw things based on zones she knew right away that she was not fit for the group. The soul reason she even joined them was for Nathan and Susan. Linda knew that the others also thought that she wasn’t right for their group.

Linda had a zone classification at her work too despite the hierarchy she knew whom she could approach and talk to and she knew who she needed to avoid. But, turns out even the people she thought were trouble were quite nice to her at work. She was more than glad to know that she could approach more people in her work. But, she never switched them to the other zone. She knew that despite everything there are certain unsaid boundaries to each zone. Like there are boundaries for a WiFi zone as well.

One day she was just about to leave her workplace where she had been called by her boss. She asked him if it was something to do with her work. He replied that it was nothing to do with her work. He called out the other staff as well he wanted to address them about something. Since, it was a very small organization there was not many people working there so it was kind of like they all knew each other.

Everyone had gathered around their boss. Wondering if it was going to be a new employee. This usually happened only when a new employee came into the organization. Linda had also been introduced in the same kind of situation now that she had recalled it. Her boss turns to the door letting in the new guy. He stood there and Linda was dumbfounded. It was Jim the guy from her group who had been the most aloof with her.

Her boss introduced him to everyone. He turned to Linda and said “As the both of you are from the same university and also he’s told me that you guys are even friends. So I leave him under you make sure you brief him about the process and how it goes.” Her boss had left and all the other staff members had also resumed to their work. She finally found the right words to ask him “Why are you here?” “To work.” Jim replied to her. Going around to meet the other staff and greet them personally.

Linda couldn’t believe her eyes. The cold, very cool and level-headed Jim whom she never really got along with was going to be working with her from the next day. She also wanted to ask him many questions because she knew his parents were well off for him to not work part-time. She was just holding them till she could find the right moment. As she was leaving for the day she had asked if Jim could also start with work from the next day.

She got the boss’s permission and she literally dragged Jim out of the office with her. He was surprised but, he still had that cool and composed facade with him. She asked him again “Why are you here. I know it’s not for  money. They why?” “You’re right it’s not about the money but, I have no obligation to tell you why.” he left her by herself in the hallway outside their office with thoughts that she couldn’t process anymore.

Days have passed and Linda only saw that Jim was serious when he said he had come there to work. He was really showing great interest in what he was learning and working on. Despite all that he had still been the same with Linda be it work or university. She finally made up her mind that she’d talk to  him this time a little politely. They had finished their work for the day and they both usually left at the same time.

She finally got her voice out and said “So you seriously came here to work and learn huh?” “You trying to acknowledge that?” Jim said. “Why not elsewhere?” she asked. “Because I thought this was good place for me to start.” he replied reluctantly. She saw a side of Jim at work she had never seen before at university. And that had for the first time made her question about the zones she’s been making till now. What if there were no zones at all. It is just in our heads that we make these zones.

She had finally gotten her answer after she had observed Jim for a few more days. She thought to herself so it was just me from the beginning then. She was the one who actually started distancing herself by making a mental note that they were of a particular zone.

She then tried talking to the other people in her group and that made her look like a stupid person literally that’s what she thought in her head. It was just that everyone were not as open and xenodochial like Nathan and Susan.

Linda had learnt her lessons though she was late. And that was what was important for her she thought. Her days now, were not filled with zones but with knowing people and the knowing them for themselves.

The End

And that’s a wrap. I sure will miss my everyday struggle to write something new with a letter. I will be posting a new blog tomorrow on how much I’ve learnt and earned from the A to Z challenge. I’ll ramble on in more detail over in that post.

For now thank you for reading and do leave a like if you liked it. Add a comment on how you feel about the story or even the topic.

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