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A to Z – The after math

I did it. I actually did it, I completed the challenge all the way from A to Z. Well it might not seem like a great achievement for most of those taking up the challenge like the second or the third time but, this is huge for me.

Am really glad that I could make it to the end.

I won’t lie though it’s freaking hard if you don’t plan out your posts. I had a lot of trouble posting everyday. I would literally have my head in my hands trying to come up with an idea for the post that day. I did think that things will be easy at least with the theme but, no they were harder. I had to stick to the theme of story time I did stick to the theme to the most part I feel. But, then again I’d still go with a theme next year as well it makes the whole journey even more challenging for you. Also another area I wanna improve in next time is with pictures and other parts of the blog including writing.

Okay enough of the bad stuff let’s come down to the positives. I’ve found that I could keep writing every day despite what I’ve been up to the whole day I would always spend at least about 2 hours trying to come up with a new post. The fun part was that I would come up with a few ideas for that day’s letter and I wouldn’t post because I thought they weren’t apt for some reason and I had to think all over again. But, I still made it through. And this was something I couldn’t do before I mean I wouldn’t have even dreamt of doing this challenge before. But, because it sounded like so much fun and it was not something like your conventional blogging battle I felt like I should take part in it. And I don’t regret it not even one bit.

I could also learn a few more words I mean it’s never a bad thing to have more words in your vocabulary right. And of course I’ve met quite a few people through the challenge cause it was all new and I had to work and stuff I didn’t check a lot of them except for the first and second day. But, then again that’s a point I need to make next time.  I actually went through quite a few blogs and they were all so amazing. Also I felt like this challenge also helped me improve myself as a blogger. Am definitely up for it the next year. And next time hoping that it’ll be better than this times’. Well I am gonna miss my everyday struggle with the posts but, this also means I can write more often. So, maybe you’ll see more posts on my blog thanks to the challenge. Just saying.

If you want to check out my posts for the challenge I’ll leave them below. I’d actually like it if you guys would tell me which post among them you find best. It doesn’t have to be based on one category or anything of that sort. Just a post that you enjoyed reading, you could relate to or something like that. Actually leave a comment of your top 3. I know its kind of  hard to choose if it’s only one in so many of them. And if you thinking what about me? Which one do I like the most I love ’em all and that’s why they are up there. And not in my drafts or in my phone’s notes. (chuckles)

Here are the links:

A – Any other day 

B –  Beneath And Beyond

C- Crumpled

D- Departure

E- Expectations

F – Food for thought

G- Grownup

H – Holding In

I – It

J – Journey

K -Kit

L – Lines

M – Mistakes

N – Next

O – On days like this

P – Posts, writing and a writers pride.

Q – Quest

R – Romance?

S – Songs

T – Twenty One

U – Us

V – Vex and Vent

W – Wait Up

X – Xenodochial

Y – You too

Z – Zones

Sorry couldn’t find any other way to make it look better. It’d be too cramped if I put each one beside the other. Anyway I really hope you guys comment down below which ones you guys liked.

If you want to know more about the A To Z Challenge ->Click Here


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