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Y – You too

Lisa had just found one of the best spots for her to take a seat to read her book. It almost felt like ages that she’d been to a park. This was her first holiday in God knows how many years. She’s been incredibly busy throughout the past couple of years that she had forgotten how it felt like to take a day off. After all she was running a successful enterprise by herself.

She had been running around in these past few years trying to establish and also expand her enterprise to a certain level. It was only the previous day that she had finally settled all the deals that she had to set and clear before she could take a good vacation. Now that she’s sat herself down in the park. She had gotten herself some store bought snacks and a couple of drinks for her snacking throughout the book.

She had opened the book in an attempt to read it. The book was named “To my younger self.” She had kind of made up an idea of how the book would turn out just by looking at the cover. She had anticipated a back story for why the author had written the book and also a story about regretting things that the author had done when they were young.

Lisa looked around in the park to see that it was filled with pets and their owners or parents with their kids. She had gotten up to leave so that she doesn’t feel even more out of place than she already does. Though she was a confident woman, things like this had always been kind of awkward and embarrassing for Lisa. She was on her way out to the parks exit and a guy had stopped her. He had asked her “Have you read that book yet?” She replied “No. But, I did intend to.” He was around her age and it felt like she had seen him somewhere. She just wasn’t able to pinpoint where.

This guy had introduced himself as Chad and they were now both having a very pleasant conversation. The conversation wasn’t aimed at one topic it just took off to different and very vague topics which were surprisingly the interests that they both had shared in common. They had been standing there at the exit of the park now for more than half an hour talking.

Lisa had finally looked away to find a drink for herself as she found herself growing thirsty from all the talking she’s been doing. She then pointed that it’s been a while that they’ve been talking. She had suggested that they should take the conversation somewhere else. He then suggested that they could take a stroll across the streets talking provided she was okay with it. She was okay except for the condition that she needed to drop off her bag of snacks and the book in her car.

They had now started their stroll down the road it was a winter evening so it was perfect for them to walk. He had told her that this was his first time he’d ever spoken to a complete stranger and had also felt comfortable doing it. Lisa has been having the same thought in her head and she couldn’t help but shout out of surprise “You too?” Chad was surprised by the similarity they had that he had even asked her in utter disbelief “Seriously?”  They were not of the age that they wouldn’t have gone through something like that before.

Both of them were now more interested in the conversation than they were before.  Their conversation had gotten even deeper now. It had come to a point where, they were anticipating for the other to say “You too”. It was cute but, it felt weird for people of their age. Even though it was a lot deeper than a first conversation it never felt imposed onto. Being adults they knew better that they had genuinely agreed with one another’s opinions and standpoints.

It was dark now and they were still walking, where the streets were lit with lights. Chad had sighed and said “Hah that was some conversation we had. I am really glad I took a break to come out. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bumped into you.” Lisa smiled replying to him “Me too.” They had now gotten into a café and had settled themselves down with some coffee. That very moment it had struck to Lisa that Chad was the author of the book that she was holding and was hoping to read today.

She asked Chad “Hey why did you not tell me that you were a writer. And also that you were the person who had written the book I had with me.” Chad had replied “Wow, I thought you didn’t read the book then how do you know it was me who wrote it.” She replied “I always look up the name of the author before I started a book and they did have a picture of you on the internet.” He replied giving her a grin “So, you knew who I was but, you still couldn’t recognize me?” Embarrassed Lisa replied “Am bad with faces and names.”

“Yeah I know. Besides I didn’t tell you it was me because who boasts about their own writing. I had asked you if you had read it so that I could get a feedback from you as it seemed like you didn’t recognize me. I figured you weren’t one of those crazy followers I have for my books. But, turns out I’ve got more than what I asked for. Thanks to my book.” Chad took a good sip of his hot black coffee.

“Well, what you said is also true. I wouldn’t do that either if I were in your place.” Lisa replied smirking at Chad. They had continued their conversation and it had ended at around 9 in the night. Chad had asked Lisa for her number. He felt it was only fair enough to continue on with this newly found friendship and he knew the feeling was mutual. Lisa had given him his number and yes the feeling was mutual. It had been quite a few years that Lisa had ever met a person that she could get along with so well in such a short time.

She had finally gotten home after having a cup of yogurt and a salad for dinner. She received a text from Chad saying “You know it has been ages that I’ve felt so satisfied with my day. Thank you for the company and I really hope that we meet after this.”  Lisa had smiled to herself and replied to the text “You too.”

The End


I finally am back on track with my theme. Even though X was not that bad. And I cannot believe that tomorrow is going to be the last day of the challenge. Well technically for me its today, as I am posting this past midnight. Even though it was tough I sure will miss it.

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