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X – Xenodochial

Let’s start off with the word. It is really hard for you to find a word with X. I literally picked this off of a website after I had searched all over the net for a meaningful word starting with the letter X. Now coming down to the meaning of xenodochial (according to google) means something i.e a person, place or software application (strangely enough) that is or are friendly to strangers. A bunch of things that remind me of xenodochial are:

The xenodochial cat. You know how they say that cats are the worst when they are moody. But, there was this cat in our neighborhood when I was in my middle school. It was a pet and it was well loved by its owner. Strangely enough this cat had never been in a bad mood. Cats don’t really let people other than the ones they know get close to them. But, this one had always loved being petted. And all it did was usually when people would touch it and pet it. It either would roll itself into a round in that person’s lap or would sit there waiting for you perk it’s fur.

There have been many people I’ve known in life who are xenodochial. Not because they want to give off a good impression. It’s just their natural personality which makes them stand out and also they are one of the best kind of people you can be friends with. I’ve had a teacher who was xenodochial and she’s been a great inspiration for most of us back in our schooling times. And there’s this particular incident that I remember from back in the day. We were all standing there on a rainy day with our colourful rain coats and a few of us with umbrellas. We had all been waiting for a taxi or an auto rikshaw. And one of this taxis had stopped to pick us up finally. Our teacher who was along with us had started out a conversation with the taxi guy and by the end of the ride it looked like they had known each other since ages.

To the most extent if I have to be fair. Most of the places I’ve been to are very friendly to people I mean strangers. I’ve actually been to this very famous tourist spot and the people there or even the atmosphere there felt really lovely. There were people who took us to a certain height which was supposed to have a very famous historical place. We had all been riding horses as that was the only way to go up other than walking up. And walking up was next to impossible except for those who were expertise. All of us were scared as the path was very narrow and only a horse could pass by at a time on the path. The people there were some of the kindest people I’ve ever met who had helped us throughout our way till the hilltop with all our difficulties. And it was not because they were getting paid for it  but, because of their nature. And the place also felt very welcoming despite it being a tourist spot it was not very pompous nor were the people proud.

The End


Well that’s another ramble session for you. I think this one is a little short. So, I tried to be a less of a pain to you guys this time. Today’s post was supposed to go live yesterday, I know. Bear with it please.

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