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W – Wait Up

Apologies for the late post. I know today is supposed to be X and that one will follow this one. I have been busy yesterday but, I guess the ending of the challenge has gotten the better of me. And that’s why I haven’t really done very well with this weeks A to Z. I still hope to make it to the end without missing out on writing for every letter.

As a kid I’ve always loved the idea of owning a pet. But, for some reasons I’ve never gotten a chance to actually own one in my entire life. And for the most obvious reasons I get jealous of those who own pets. Especially dogs I love and adore them. I love other domestic animals too but, dogs somehow are on the top position for me as a pet. But, given a chance I’d rather own a farm to myself.

Well enough of the ramble about my love for animals. There was this one day that I was given a chance to spend time with one of my neighbors dogs. It was cross of Indian and a German Shepherd. It was a female so thankfully it was a little calmer than the male ones. I would often go over to play with it but never really got a chance to take care of her and stuff. The servant there took care of taking her on walks and such. But, that day I insisted on taking her on a walk.

That’s Her ❤ She’s a lot older than, the picture it was taken about 4 years ago.

Her name was Daisy and she loved being petted and pampered. But, she hated having other dogs around her territory meaning literally from one to the other ends of the street which was literally impossible. She would bark at the mere sight of anything close to an animal that she sees including pups.I had to take her out on a walk she was on the lead and off we went. It was fun she would stop and sniff around. Some scents attracted or so I thought and then realized she was just finding a place for natures call.

Realizing that made me let her loosen off from my tight grip. And she had done her business. She was now trotting around sniffing randomly but, relieved. She was being a good girl just until then. And suddenly out of no where two street dogs had appeared at the end of the street. Daisy had begun to bark at them as if there was no tomorrow. And before I knew it me grip onto her lead was gone and she had run away to fight with those two dogs ferociously.

“Hey, Daisy wait up!!!” is all I could say. Running behind her frantically trying to get a grip onto her lead. She had already gotten into a fight with the other two dogs. I had to run to get a hold of her, pull her away from them. And in this process she had also scratched me with her dewclaw. This had made me force her further more away from the other two dogs. I had to shoo those dogs away from her sight so she could calm down again. But, she had settled herself down after she saw them disappear.

I tightened my grip on the lead and that was making Daisy restrict her pace and the distance she could keep. She gave a puppy dog look asking me to let her loose that was not going to happen. Not for at least the next few minutes. She had now started to walk aside me being a good and obedient one. We had just turned into another lane for the walk.

And I had just let her loose a tad bit. Yet again I had the same story repeat it self. She had gone off chasing the dogs on that street. And this time around I had held onto her lead and almost half way through had carried her on my way back. She would still try to wiggle her way out of my grip but, I was not ready for more running than I had already done on that day. We were finally back at our neighbors place and she pounced onto her neighbor as though she had been away from her for ages.

The End


And that one day with Daisy had made me wonder if I would ever want pets again. But, then I feel like it’s worth the work they’re adorable little beings after all.

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