A To Z challenge, Poetry, Storytime

U – Us

Won’t be able to make it tonight,

I am so sorry am still stuck with work

Why don’t you go out instead of us together,

I am not really into it anyway

I asked you not to wait for me,

You could have gone ahead

You say it is only me,

Where you know it’s us

You started the whole discussion,

You’re not the only one getting hurt here

You don’t talk about yourself with me anymore,

It feels like there’s no us anymore

You hurting I know,

Cause am hurting too and that’s hurting us

You know it was not like this before,

I loved us back then

I know I’ve changed,

But you’re also not the same person

We both have changed,

So why don’t we do it again

Just like we did before,

Let’s find an us.

The end


The poem is cliche but, then it’s okay I guess. Am a bit late but, hey I made it for the day.

Thank you for reading and do leave a like if you liked it. Add a comment on how you feel about the poem or even the topic.

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