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T – Twenty One

I know I am two days late but, yesterday was my birthday and day before was the day I was way too excited for my birthday that I was too reluctant to write a post. I know I deserve no mercy for day before but, here’s the story.

I am just past a day and an hour or so of being a twenty-two year old and this is my story so far. Well sort of.

Zero – One well I was an infant then. I don’t really remember anything about that year. Except for what my parents tell me. And all they said about that year to me was that I was very chubby and very heavy for a baby my age. *laughs proudly*

One – Two I could recognize people by now. And I could walk and talk. I also got to be the elder sister to my cute little brother.

Two – Three I was a carefree kid. I didn’t really go to the nursery. My parents thought I was smart enough to go to KG directly than go to nursery and then school. ( which is not true though *chuckles*)

Three – Four and I was going to school now. I had a favorite snack. And a best friend which was my class teacher. And I loved drawing apparently even though I was really bad at it.

Four – Five I was now in Upper KG and I loved going to school. I had long hair. (which made me look like a little monkey) And I have a class photo of me looking else where than the camera.

Five – Six I was in grade one then and all I care about was come back home to watch  Power Rangers. A kid who hated staying in school for the whole day. That was how it went for me mostly.

Six – Seven I was now in grade two and had a friend who would tell me stories which were unbelievable yet I did believe in her. She was my friend after all.(I was an innocent kid)

Seven – Eight I was now an elder sister who had her brother in class one. I would hang out with the friend who had been deceiving me. All because I didn’t know then that she was actually doing something so horrible to me. I also had pretty good grades then.

Eight – Nine I was in fourth grade. I met this new friend who was so cool that I had to hang out with her. I had a cousin who was quiet older than me but, I admired her. We went to watch our first movie from school. And we watched Mt. Everest. I will never forget that.

Nine – Ten I switch from pencil to pen. My handwriting gets worse. I go from a very excellent student to a below average kid. My mother had no idea on what was going on. I was also separated from my very close friend from my fourth.

Ten – Eleven I did improve myself. But, to my class teacher I was still no good. She thinks I was useless. I was given a seat partner who never really liked me. I got to know about the amazing thing called the internet. And my first ever email ID was created by my friend on the infamous Yahoo Mail. I also had gone through a disease called chicken pox.

Eleven – Twelve I was now in seventh and despite my lacking in studying well I loved my history lessons. Maybe because of the teacher who taught me them. I loved math too for the same reason of course. I was very close to a group of friends then. They all loved music and then I came across the word Mp3.

Twelve – Thirteen I was in my eighth now separated from my other friends and put in a complete different section/division. But, I met this another girl who changed my life all around from 0 to 360 degree. I had also been studying at the same level as the other grades. This was also the year where my parents had forced my brother into tennis.

Thirteen – Fourteen the adolescence and my first ever crush. I would follow him around with the new friend I had from my eight grade. I discovered that she was not as bad as I judged her to be. She had her own issues with a boy she liked. One day out of the blue I confessed her feelings for the guy to him. Cause she asked me to. (How silly was I? Please don’t think too much into it please.)

Fourteen – Fifteen it was the last year for me as a school going kid. And for the first time in life I had gone through the pain of loosing someone very close to me. And it was not easy for me to get out of the sadness. But, I had eventually gotten over it. I still do love the place though. The first time I ever had to go to another school to write my tenth grade exams. It was way too sad for me to leave school seriously though.

Fifteen – Sixteen I was now going to a junior college. Which is usually called 11th or sophomore year of high school. Again it’s kinda different back in out country. This place was no close to school. I knew no one except for one of my school mates whom I knew since my sixth grade. Being in the same class obviously drew us closer. And also for the first the time in many years it felt like I was gaining back my lost confidence. I was performing well in this junior college.

Sixteen – Seventeen the golden age. I had gotten shifted to another section. Of course I had this school mate of mine in the same section. But, also a girl whose still been inspiring me despite her flaws even today. And it was also the year where we all worked really hard to get into a good undergrad college.

Seventeen – Eighteen I had for the first time in life felt like I had been used as a tissue paper and throw away. And I had started college with the friend I met in my twelfth and we had the best of our first year as undergrads. Despite the awkward newness I found pretty good people whom I could hang out with.

Eighteen – Nineteen The year that did not go my way in any matter. And the year where I had actually found most of my maturity and sense of self from. The year which was sort of dark had a light to it in the form of my mother and brothers. Despite one brother is not related. I had found the real me that year.

Nineteen – Twenty my time . That’s all I can say about that time of my life. It was my last year at my college. (Again something which is difficult for me to explain to non – Indians.) I had found my path which was lost the previous year and had worked hard to achieve it. And I did eventually succeed.

Twenty – Twenty one am still working on it. Just making it to my target was not it. It was to move forward from there. I was now working towards my goal as a working adult. And working in this big fat world of criticism isn’t easy at all. Thank you to the most sensible bunch of colleagues I have that keep me sane enough to work. And this is also the year I had ever started something outside being just any other working person. I had started blogging. And I had never been more happy about this decision of mine.

Twenty one – something (I don’t really know how long I’ll live so this is how I hope for my future to be.) I know there’s a long not too easy path out there for me. And it would obviously only get harder for me. And I also know that I will figure out a way to make it through the path for me to discover newer ones.

The End? I think it’s just the start though….


I literally don’t have a clue how and why I wrote a story about myself. But, I just thought the idea of it is pretty cool. So, there you just read a story about me though they were just bits of my life. Hope you find one or two bits of it that you could relate to yourself as well.

Thank you for reading and do leave a like if you liked it. Add a comment on how you feel about the story or even the topic.

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3 thoughts on “T – Twenty One”

  1. What a wonderful post and great idea to record the history of the first two decades of your life. Something you can look back and read, like a journal entry. I wish you every happiness for the next twenty plus.

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