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S – Songs

Defining life

Help make a moment

Something you could relate to 

Made for each of us

Having one on repeat for months, years, centuries

Lyrics which are more than lessons

Voices that screen harder than silence

Records which are still going around

A remembrance for centuries

Loosing oneself completely

Saving lives with those beats

Inspiring many to be the beat

A language which is understood despite the difference

One which helps you let go

One which also helps you get close

Something to which even an infant responds

And to which a geezer nods

One which is filled with memories

One which also has sadness

An art which is beyond itself

A beauty created

That stays inside us

Though not physically present

That’s a song.

The end



Again a post which defines itself. Am a huge lover of music(songs). And despite every other thing about me. Songs are one of the biggest components of me being me. They’re like a daily routine in life which I cannot skip at all.

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