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R – Romance?

“Am so glad we made up. Thank you for the help again Jenny.” said Sophie. Who had just got a call from her boyfriend persuading her to  get back after a horrible fight they’ve had two weeks ago. Jenny hugs Sophie and leaves to catch her train to work.

She had been around with her friend  for these two weeks trying to console her and giving her all the support she needed. That’s the typical Jenny for you she hadn’t had a boyfriend all through her life even though she was in her late 20’s.

Jenny thought to herself as she walked towards the nearby train station sipping on the coffee she had made for Sophie which was a waste now. As her boyfriend had insisted on coming over to have a make up breakfast with Sophie. Jenny had thought “Why is it though that I never had a boyfriend or a relationship?”still walking and sipping on the coffee now deep in thoughts and recollecting thoughts.

Jenny was beautiful she had everything that was needed for a guy to fall for her. It’s just that she never really felt it her heart thumping for someone so bad that it’s gonna burst out or the jealousy that was like a forest fire. She always thought to herself that maybe she was not cut out for romances. She finds it too cringe to hold hands and act all lovey-dovey. She is a typical girl she does like romantic comedies and loves making her friends go back to the guy whose worth another chance. But, she personally wouldn’t want something like this. She continued thinking to herself sitting into the empty seat in train that she had boarded.

She always had crushes though. Ever since she was a kid she has had the most outrageous crushes on the most popular person in school or a celebrity only that she never had a crush on a person whom she could approach on an equal level. She was not really a kind who ran behind her career as her passion. She was just any other woman or girl but, with actually no dating experience whatsoever and she didn’t care that she had none. So that doesn’t mean she was any less than a normal girl she thought assuring herself and continued to let her thoughts flow as she had another 20 minutes to spare before she had to get off the train.

Her friends back in the day when they were all undergrads and also now when they’re all working always nagged to her on getting a guy or what not. She had changed in time but, one thing that never changed for Jenny was her approach with romances. She was also not from a family that restricted relationships it’s just her. Jenny was also the person most of her friends at least the close ones whom they came to when they had a fight and she’d always be there. This also means she was a reliable and sensible person and not a very cold person more thoughts kept hitting her head she let them flow. The train was now getting closer to her destination.

Not because she was experienced, you know that by now right. But, because she knew the exact words to say to each person to sooth them from that pain. She was more like a therapist but, a love therapist who never got paid nor asked for it. But, always there for them and was right in what she says. This was not only with her female friends this also was with the male friends that she had. She now paused and thought of all those happy couples and the thanks she got from her friends for helping them through.

But, she also thought of what hell each of them went through when they were apart from their loved ones. Ah maybe am too scared to go through the stuff they went through so that’s why I don’t want a boyfriend and have this mental image stuck in my head. Her thoughts immediately switched sides to the all the happy stuff about love. The sharing hardships stuff, being silly, having someone, the lovey-dovey stuff too. She also thought at those times which were few that maybe it would be really nice to have a boyfriend after all. Her thoughts had stopped at this point. Does this mean that she want’s a boyfriend or she doesn’t.

Before she could think of anything more she had already needed to get off the rrain. But, the question had been playing in the back of her head even though now she had her head preoccupied now. She was walking past the crowd of the station still thinking and as she got closer to the exit from the subway.

She had come to the conclusion that “you know what this is out of my league let’s just forget about it for now.” she says to herself. She reaches out for the door of her office named “Your place” in fancy and vintage looking letters. It was a cafe she had been running.

The end.

Another one though am a little late.

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