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Q – Quest

We reach out for more than what we really have. That’s the typical tendency a human has. And its inevitable in my opinion. 

One day two kids and their parents had sat down to play the game of business or more like monopoly and the father was leading by quite a bit. Their mother wasn’t far behind but, the two kids were way behind their parents. They had now begun to complain about their parents not playing a fair game as they are adults and so they know how to play and manage the game well and stuff.

The mother was getting tired of listening to her kids complains and says “Okay let’s do it this way I dissolve as a player and help the two of you with your games?” *she quickly picks her player out and dissolves the sites she’s bought and the money she’s had in the respective places* She gets up from her seat to go help her kids. Now its a fair game the kids think because now they have their mother to help them.

Half an hour passes by and there’s still the father leading the game and the kids a little ahead from where they were. The kids still unhappy with the game and ranting on about how their mother is still not helping them enough to play well against their father. Then their father says “why don’t I drop out of the game and help one of you and your mother will help the other.” The both of them agreed to it immediately and were fighting to get their dad on each of their side. To be fair their father asks them to roll the dice and see who gets a higher number on the dice will win him. They both think that it was a fair game too. The son throws a six and the daughter manages a ten.

Now its been over one and a half hours since they started the game and there’s the boy who’s leading now and the girl is not far away from him. She turns to her sibling and says “maybe I should have let you have dad after all.” “What just because you’re loosing you want to blame it on your luck?” says the boy. “You just wait I will definitely win.” the girl replies frantically turning to her dad and discussing ways to improve her position.

Its been half an hour since the argument and the girl is now leading the boy is a little behind. “This is what happens when you try to act all high and mighty with your elders, learn kid!” says the girl feeling all happy that she’s up on the lead again and being the elder she was even more happy. The boy replies “Oh really it’ll take me less than ten minutes to out grow you.” said the younger one, the boy.

And in no time this little game for entertainment turned into a chaotic mess where there were fake money thrown. Scenes of the girl crying the boy also starts crying after they hit each other despite the struggle their parents went through to stop them. And all of this had also successful made its way through the happy couple who were now arguing on “whose fault the whole game idea was”.

And all this because the children always wanted more than what they already have. They were in the quest for more and their quest with the game was to be the leading one.

The end

I feel like even though I gave an example of children here us adults also do this more often than children do. Despite what we are after we always like comparing ourselves and check with ourselves that we’re better than someone or damn we’re still far from this particular person. In the quest for life and our own dreams we still tend to achieve what we want to and are still not sated with that what so ever. Even though for many of us it comes early and for many of us it comes late but we do achieve what we were originally after. We are still in a quest for something more.

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