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P – Posts, writing and a writers pride.

Today is not really gonna be a story but more like a struggle sorta of us bloggers and writers. You may or may not agree with me. But, I sure hope you enjoy this read. Really sorry again though not keeping up with my theme.

I don’t know where to start with this one. Well this might sound like an easy one after you’ve read it. But, it takes a lot more than just writing what’s in your mind. I mean this isn’t really my place to say it but it’s really hard to write down something new everyday. I feel like I’ve at least done that for a week with the A to Z challenge.

I feel like anyone who writes go through phases. First when you start you’re all excited and pumped. And then, you reach a point where you’re lost. You don’t know whether to continue with the whole idea or just scrap it and write a new one. But, except for when you know what to write and you know it’ll turn out well anyway.

The next is where you’re completely out of it and are like what the hell should I do to keep writing. I mean this is more for a long term writer or who writes books or novels more like. You’re stuck with one part of the plot and you have no idea how to take it forward. Its like you’ve walked halfway through and you know the route you’ve chosen is a round about one. But, if you change your route now you’ll not have time to reach your destination.

Then comes the time where you think of quitting I feel like everyone of us might have had that thought on one piece or the other at least once. Be it books, articles, a write up, an essay or even our good old blog post. I’ve thought of stopping half way through most of my posts especially the ones in the A to Z challenge. It may also be because I am a novice and still have a long way to go. But, I feel like even the best of us agree with me here.

Then there comes the last stage we go through in a cycle . The am not gonna give up I have to make it phase. I mean most of us do this because we love writing right and even though we need to swallow our prides as writers and as artists if I may say so. It may not turn out as best as the other ones. But, I feel like that’s the beauty of everything we write. We may have a similar style as others or a similar theme. But, not every line that we write is same as that of the others. And a good appreciation is all that it takes to make an artist dance out of rejoice.

Again I may not be mature enough as a blogger to write about this. And maybe you and I have completely different opinions. But, do leavea comment if you’re a person who writes whether you agree with me or not and why?

 Thank you for reading. If you want to know more about the A To Z Challenge ->Click Here


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