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O – On days like this

I’ve had a pretty shitty day today to be honest.

I had to start with a new assignment and had no idea about the route. I was easily able to reach a certain point with ease and there started the struggles for me. I was going to the assignment with a colleague and we had decided to meet at a certain landmark. She was running late and that was completely acceptable as we were using the public transport and in our country there is always an implied delay. Which I was completely okay with.

I was waiting at a place which I thought was the landmark and was anticipating her call. She calls me and asks me where I was I told her I was at the landmark we decided to meet. She tells me she was also there and she doesn’t seem to have found me. I read out the names of the buildings in my surroundings and then we notice we were at two ends of the same landmark. This was getting to me now but, the excitement of going to a new assignment made me forget those trivial issues.

And there we were at our new work place waiting for the person who was responsible to take us to the respective section and other details about the assignment to arrive so that we can actually start with work. And turns out they were late and that was a real patience tester which am not really good at and we finally get into the real work related stuff after waiting for 2 long boring hours.

Because the place was huge we also needed to work at a place where it had a lot of distance between two blocks. We were now walking to get there which was about half a kilometer or so in the hot summer sun at 11 or so in the morning. Honestly even though I was born in this month I don’t really like this month or rather the summer season. If you’ve been reading my posts since I started my blog you would’ve known that by now. If not you have to go check out my post Winter

I was still looking forward to working and getting to know all those exciting technical aspects of the assignment. And then they tell us that we need to wait as they were still sorting things out at their end and it may not be possible for them to give us information immediately. That was a huge hit we travel all the way and we get all excited about this new assignment of ours and they say they’re not ready I was really mad.

But, thankfully we did get an okay from them and they did say it will be a little hard for us to work as it is not really up to date. I was more than glad because we at least get to work and that’s more than enough. To add to all my miseries there was also the long distances we needed to walk just to go from one department to another. Now I know I shouldn’t say this but I hate walking around when there is sun right above my head and I have nothing to protect my head from that heat. As a result I’ve been having a heavy head or more like a headache since afternoon.

Our work for our first day was done and it was late afternoon and we didn’t really want to wait there because there was no point waiting if we were starting the real work tomorrow. We sorted out our things and had decided to leave and then again my enemies for the day appear again the sun and the distance. I love walking but not in climates like that yet the joy of going back home made me do it anyway. I finally got back home and there is this really annoying construction work going on. Ughhh, on days like this I always repeat this phrase to myself why today?why today of all the good days?

I still have the headache and it really is bad. Anyway that’s the reason why today’s post was this late. Am sure all of us have days like this how do you guys deal with it?

Thank you for reading. If you want to know more about the A To Z Challenge ->Click Here


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