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N – Next

“What’s next up in my schedule, Sam?” asked Rupert the President of the company. The Chief Secretary Sam clears his throat and reads out from his diary “Sir, you have a meeting with XXXXX.Co’s President at 1 in the afternoon over lunch. And a few documents to look into after your lunch meeting.” “Okay, we’ll finish that up and make sure you leave the documents on my desk after you’ve gone through them.” said Rupert.  ” Certainly sir.” said Sam, he as a secretary and more like an underling, always was to go through the document that went to the President’s table.

Sam has been working in the company since it’s incorporation and so he was not only there in it’s very successful times like it is now but, in its formation stages. It’s been almost 15 years since the company had been incorporated and Sam had been by Rupert’s side for all these years and he knows for a fact most of his habits and his methods because of experience and of course by looking at him. Rupert liked working in twos rather than a team but, he had adopted himself into working with a team so that he could set an example for his companies employees.

Rupert has very less tolerance to mistakes and still is very patient when he’s dealing with juniors or clients. He doesn’t prefer work mixed with personal life. He values his time and the most common habit of his is to ask for the next task or work he needs to finish so as to be on time and always likes being punctual. Sam is no less not only performing his secretarial work efficiently he also takes care of various administrative works for Rupert which is a great added quality in him. Sam has never seen Rupert rest or take leaves other than for those days he wasn’t well. He was more than honored to work in a company which had a great leader like Rupert and also that he works so closely with him.

The reason why the companies grown this well to be precise is because of the man who led it and his what’s next attitude. Sam remembers one of the incidents that made him respect Rupert to this extent. The company was a new one and was barely 2 years old and it  had finally made some progress with the help of some loyal employees and Rupert’s efforts. The company now was working well and it had just begun hitting the profit side. The company had started to push its way into the market but, they had a big order from a well reputed company and that can change the phase of their company.

They had struggled for about 2 months to finish the order and Rupert had barely had any sleep those days. It was late in the night at around 10:30 and everyone was planning on going out to celebrate the finishing up of work. Rupert was in his office and Sam had just gone in to tell him the news with rejoice “Sir, the order has been completed and our goods are being transported to the client’s office, the order will reach the client in time as promised tomorrow morning at 9:00. We’ve also informed the client on the transportation so that they do not have a problem communicating with the transporters.”

Rupert replied to him ” That’s good. Sam what’s up next in my schedule?” Sam was shocked he was expecting something more than just a “That’s good” from him especially at a time where his company had just made a great achievement. He asked Rupert “Sir, may I ask you if you’re happy with what your company had achieved?” Rupert replies “Yes! Of course I am Sam but, if I stop my work to celebrate this moment then this might as well be the first and last thing my company has achieved.” Sam didn’t understand his President he was wondering what was so wrong with celebrating the moment. Sam hears a phone ringing and it is from his desk. He rushes out to answer it still confused.

Sam walks back into Rupert’s office at 11:30 in the night with his work diary. Rupert asks Sam “So, what’s up next in my schedule?” He smiles at the question, clearing his throat he answers “Sir, you have a meeting with 5-6 companies lined up for you from tomorrow morning 10:00 and the last one will be at 4:00 in the evening. I’ve already written the timings and the company names with their history and analysis in each of these files. Please go through them. For tonight you have nothing scheduled other than the current files on your table.” Rupert replies “Thank you, Sam” Rupert finishes the last file on his table and asks Sam to send them back to the respective departments. It was now 12:30 and past mid-night. But, that was one of those days that was the most satisfying, valuable and memorable day for Sam as a secretary.

Sam closes his book with schedules and dates set for events for more than 2 months for his President. So now he knows what’s next so that he can instantaneously answer the President.


And am back with a story as I had promised. Hope you enjoyed the read.

Thank you for reading. If you want to know more about the A To Z Challenge ->Click Here


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