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M – Mistakes

DISCLAIMER : Not a story. I’ve tried really hard to write a story. But, I don’t think I can am sorry if any of you came here expecting a story. Mistakes will just be my thoughts on the topic. This is my first year doing the A to Z challenge so I hope you guys cut me some slack. And I’ll try my best to come back to you guys with a story tomorrow.

As a child I had the chance to correct my mistakes with many provisions I want to say. I mean all of us get chances right because we are children and we’re supposed to be innocent, cute and learners most of all. We were given great provisions even like using a pencil for one. Using a pencil is one of the most famous example we get to our heads when we say mistakes for children. But, there was also those innocent looking sorry’s which would obviously melt every heart. The miserable looks that we made when we were given punishment that instantly reduced the punishment. Though those looks are mostly art work by us to reduce our burden. Our crooked toothed smiles which would melt even a huge log of iron.

But, then after you turn to a certain age you’re expected to reduce your mistakes count and are also given less chances. And more like people expect you to know the basics and not to make mistakes in that even though you are forgiven for them if you commit some mistakes. You’re still forgive liberally as long as you are still categorized under the words school. Because you’re still taken as an adult in making and an adult in making needs to learn somewhere and that’s school.

And then comes the fun part for most of us college or undergraduate however you call it. Those 3-4 years are the most cherished times. Mostly because you’re not a child or kid anymore you’re considered an adult mostly. You’re given your freedom and with that also the responsibility to not make any mistakes. Because for most of us those 3-4 years decide on what you want to be and what you can be or at least lay paths you want to choose. You’re not expected to make mistakes at all and if you do then there’s a lot more questioning. But, then again you’re also in your teens and technically you’re still learning you’re forgiven which you do not get easily you need to prove that you’re worth it.

But, then after you get out of the tag of college, post graduation, etc. and go under the  eligible for working/ working class of people. It gets a lot more harder for everyone around you if you make a mistake. Because whatever work you’re doing will affect your own reputation if you’re working by yourself or as a team you’ll cause damage to the whole team. Adults don’t even have the provisions that a teenager has because he is expected to know what he’s doing and do it right. Because you’re like a trained individual sent to battle and you’re expected to stand on your legs for as long as you can by avoiding the hits from the enemies and also counter attack them. Mistakes are not bad but, they’re not something adults that can afford in their life. It can be personal or even professional. If it’s in one of those two the other one is bound to be affected. And moreover as adults we need to be examples we feel as we grow that pride of being adults.

Mistakes are still accepted at all stages of life. Many say that some mistakes they made in their life made them what they are. That might be true too. Many also say that the mistakes they made were some of the best moments of their life. I am not saying mistakes are bad not at all I did make the whole post sound like it was but, you know tea was invented because of a mistake too. So, there’s no way that mistakes are not good.


Hope you enjoyed the read. Literally though that was a ramble out of no where. If you’ve read till the end you’re really cool, seriously. But, I did want to post something and just not stop all of a sudden, even though its only for a day.

Thank you for reading. If you want to know more about the A To Z Challenge ->Click Here



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