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L – Lines

Don’t cross that line, it said

Why shouldn’t I, I said

Look on the other side it’s too dangerous, it said

What are you saying, I said

Look carefully it’s full of bad things, it said

There’s nothing bad about it, I said

Please don’t do this to yourself, it said

Why are you stopping me, I said

You won’t like the other side, it said

How do you know that I won’t, I said

Because there’s a reason for the line, it said

What’s the reason I asked

Cannot tell you the reason but, please don’t cross the line, it said

When you won’t even tell me the reason what good is it, I said

Please listen to me, it said

Tell me the reason and I will

Cannot tell you the reason but, don’t take a step ahead, it said

Why do you keep stopping me, I said

Because I need to, it said

I am crossing the line because I need to, I said

You have all you need beneath the line please don’t cross it, it said

I am going to and I will unless you tell me the reason, I said

Please don’t you will regret it, it said

How do you know I’ll regret it maybe I’ll enjoy it, I said

Please don’t it’ll be hard to come back, it said

It’s just a line I’ll cross it over again if I need to get back, I said

It isn’t as easy as you think to go back than go forward, it said

It is easy watch me do it, I said

I beg you don’t do it, it said

Here I go I’ll see you on the other side, I said

No don’t I can’t reach you on the other side… it said

Hey where did you go, I said

I cannot connect with you properly, it said

What I cannot hear you this side is too loud and fun, I said

I ca….t re…h y..u, it said

Hey this place is pretty cool, I said

There was reply

I am starting to like this side more than the other one, I said

All I could hear was silence

What I didn’t know it was this difficult here, I said

No response

Hey how do I get out of here, I said

I h..d al….y wa…ed y..u th..t i…l b.. h…d, it said

What I can’t hear you can you be a little louder I can’t seem to find the line, I said

W….k p…..t t..e a….a, it said

Hey this place is really killing me how do I find the line, I said

K….p wa……ing y…’ll f…..d it, it said

What I can’t walk anymore this place is so tiring I just wanna go back, I wanna cross back the line

K….p wa….ing, it said

This hurts how much longer I don’t think I can keep up, I said

A l……le m….re I t….d y…u it w…s h….d, it said

Hey I wish I had listened to what you said this side is very dangerous I can’t seem to find the line yet, I said

Y….’re al……t t…….e, it said

I wanna go back as soon as possible where’s the line it’s gotta be somewhere around here, I said

A l……le m….e, it said

Am so sorry I didn’t listen to you am such a fool won’t you forgive me, I said

Of course I will but please listen to me the next time, said life

Hope you enjoyed the read. Thank you.

 Thank you for reading. If you want to know more about the A To Z Challenge ->Click Here


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