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K -Kit

He was sitting at his usual spot in the park and having his lunch. “Hey mister what is there in that big box?” shouted a kid who was along with two others.  *she was pointing at the big rusty suitcase kind of box with a metallic finish which was painted in blue* Seth heard her and knew what she was talking about. He looked at her and shouted out “In here? There’s everything I need to survive. Let’s just say it’s a Life kit.”

She goes to his side and starts staring at the box and hitting it with her very small hands. Seth interrupts her actions and asks her “Want to have a look inside of it?” She was a kid and obviously she did what all kids did she ran away from him. Seth smirks at her reaction and pulls out something out of his box and shows it to the girl. She immediately runs back to him and asks him “Mister can I have what’s in your hand?”

He replies to her “Didn’t you just run away when I wanted to show you what was inside?” She shyly replies to him “I want to see what’s inside , if i see what’s inside will I get what you have in your hand?” He said “Okay, now that you said you’ll see what’s inside I’ll give this to you.”

He gives her the toy and turns to open the kit. She holds onto the toy and looks at it with  eyes of admiration. As he gets out one thing after the other from his kit. He kept explaining to the girl who was now sitting beside him and anticipating for an even better story than the previous one for every change in items.

Seth had spent his entire life collecting whatever was there inside his kit. It was a life kit which had almost everything he had he could call his. In simpler words it was more like a treasure box/ kit and life’s worth of kit. He then got out a small container which was covered with a black cloth. He asked her to guess what it was. She made her attempts in guessing about it and gave up.

It was a glow-worm. He had said that he caught in the woods that were close by about 3-4 days ago. He released it out of the container. She asked him why did he do that. He said that he would always keep changing his kit and he said that there will be something else in the container very soon. He added that he had container filled with shells and crystals that he had collected from the sea.

By this time not only the other two kids who came with the girl sat around him to listen to his story but, almost all the kids in the park surrounded him. Even the adults couldn’t help but, stand there listening to him. Everyone was amused at what came out of the kit one after the other. One of the adults asked Seth “But, why do you call it a kit? Where it seems more like a treasure than a kit.”

Seth replied saying “A treasure is something you would keep holding on to. I don’t hold on to anything that is there in this box. Everything you’re seeing now will be replaced by something new. And that is why it’s called a kit. This is my life kit.”  Seth continued on with his stories after another two of them he noticed that the sun was setting.

He then said standing up ” Well then it looks like it’s about time for me to leave. It was really fun to share my stories with you kids. But, be sure that you also reach home safely.” As he packs in his kit back all the kids wave him good-bye and he responds to them in half waves busily setting his things straight. The girl who questions him comes to him and says ” Mister, I will always treasure this toy that came from a Life kit that gives out treasures. Bye bye.” He smiles at her and waves her good-bye.

He picks his box up and sets it onto its wheels which were also rusty. And walks past the park waving to the remaining kids and adults in the park.


Thank you for reading. If you want to know more about the A To Z Challenge ->Click Here


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