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J – Journey

Enjoy your journey when you want to accomplish something it makes it easier for you to achieve it. And you will never feel the pain from those various obstacles you’ve faced. 

Those words that were often repeated to Joy from when she was young. She was now so used to them that they felt like some background music that just played in her head. Today was going to be Joy’s first day at her internship as a doctor or more like a to be doctor. She didn’t know what to expect off of her day.

She had arrived at the hospital that she would be interning at, she was asked to go straight to the doctor under whom she was put. His name was Ben and he was also going to be in charge of two others than her. She was told she was already late to the session and so she rushed to the 5th floor and entered the 2nd cabin to the right from the lift as she was instructed. She saw three people sitting there two of them facing the other.

She introduced herself “I am Joy, and …” before she could even complete her sentence. Ben stopped her and asked her what the time was. She said “10:30 sir.” He asked her “What was the time that was given for interns to report at the hospital?” She replied “10:00 sir.” He didn’t ask her any further questions and asked her to join into their conversation. Ben briefed the 3 of them on their duties and responsibilities as an intern and also some basic guidelines.

After a 10 minutes session of briefing Ben said okay here’s how the 3 of you will be spending your time as interns, he hands over their duties and schedules for the next 3 months which was about a fourth of their time as interns. They needed to work as interns for a year. As they read through their sheets the other two’s read “Check up on patients, assisting Ben with surgeries and also taking part in research which was almost only once or twice a week.”

But, Joy’s read “Research on various topics related to the department they were in for more than 5 days and in some weeks everyday.” Joy was taken aback looking at her sheet. She peeked into the one who was sitting beside her to see if they were all in the same sinking ship. But, as she saw she realized she was the only one who was put into the ship that was sinking. Ben, asked them to scram s they already got their work and to continue on with what they were given.

Joy came out still holding on the sheet with an awestruck face. The other two quickly introduced themselves to Joy and saw Joy’s schedule and said “Ah that’s terrible why don’t you go ask  Ben if today morning was the reason for it. But, Joy didn’t she knew these pages were printed out already when Joy got into the cabin so Ben hadn’t done the “research only thing” to her on purpose.

Joy got to the interns lounge and sat there opening her laptop she was given to work on and thought to herself “What did they say enjoy your journey in order to achieve your goal huh?” Thinking that she got right into the work she was an optimist and thought maybe she was put there for a reason.

It has been 2 months since the 3 interns had joined the hospital and one of them had already become well aware with most of complex surgeries and the other had gained an overall idea of how the surgeries work and how to take care of the patient after they come out from the surgery. Whereas Joy was also learning somethings they were not as practical as the other two’s.

It was the 3rd month and the day for them to receive their schedule for the next 3 months. Joy was eagerly waiting for this day since, the last month. She was not complaining but she also wanted to get some hands on experience on what it is for them to be on call doctors.

And there it was yet again the same schedule for the 3 of them as the previous 3 months. Joy did not expect this to happen. But, she didn’t want to give up she thought okay Joy enjoy your journey as they always asked you to. She was given very interesting topics to research about and many were also very new and advanced. Joy would enjoy her time despite seeing her other two colleagues gaining hands on experience from performing and assisting surgeries now.

Their 6 months of internship passed in a flash and there came another 3 moths’ schedule with no changes what so ever. Joy had lost it now more than half of her time as an intern was over and do they expect her to keep going as a research intern for them throughout the year? She gained her courage to go speak to Ben, but that was of  no use. Ben blew the whole topic off in minutes.

Joy didn’t know what to do but just keep working. She was still really interested in what she was doing despite it being research she got to learn about new things almost every week. But, what made her sad was that she barely got any practical experience out of being an intern. Joy thought to herself will not feel the pain that you went through to cross the obstacles in the journey?” “This whole journey in itself is an obstacle.”she thought to herself going back to her good old lounge.

It was past the 9 month mark and it was yet again the day for schedules and this time around Joy finally got what the other two were doing. It was not at the beginners level she was put at the same experience level as the other two had accomplished in 9 months. She was more than glad when saw this. She had actually lost hope.

Joy was happy but also very scared. She knew how hard the other two had worked to reach to that level whereas all Joy did was research with barely any practical experience. She took a gulp of water before she joined her daily schedule. And her day had ended in a flash. She was able to do fairly well to her own surprise and of course the other two were quiet shocked as well.

Ben called Joy into his cabin and said “Look Joy each of you have a different talent and weak point. When I saw your records from school I could tell right away that you would make a great surgeon. But, I also knew what you lacked in. I never take my decisions as mentor on a personal note. I think you were able to figure that out.” Joy nodes to him and leaves his cabin.

Joy mumbles to herself  “Enjoy the journey when you want to accomplish something huh?”


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