A To Z challenge, Storytime, Writing

G- Grownup

He tickles them out of fun

Stop! We’re too grown up for this, they say

He indulges himself in watching cartoons in the middle of the night

How old are you, they say

He teases them for attention

Are you making fun of me, they say

He likes playing video games than attending social gatherings

When will you learn, they say

He collects action figures

You have weird habits, they say

He admires animated characters

When will you grow up, they say


He learns how to behave like a grownup

What went wrong with you, they say

He goes back to being himself

Learn how to behave like a grownup, they say

He smiles to himself

Growing up is a trap they say..


Another attempt to fit a story into poem.

Thank you so much for reading I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Feel free to like and comment your opinion on the poem.

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