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F – Food for thought

“Frank come down for some snacks kid.” shouted his mother. Frank knew exactly what his snacks would be salad with greens with a store bought dressing. Frank hated the thought of healthy food mixed with some topping to make it feel like it was a tasty food. And kid he was in his high school now for crying out loud, he thought. He wasn’t a great food addict nor did he dislike it he just never really cared about it that much. He almost was that way about everything he did in life except for books and productive activities not only food.

There came a time in Frank’s life where he lived off of just a glass of milkshake, a loaf of bread and a sandwich. Those were his standard foods for his three meals everyday. Of course for other than his regular requirement for water. You couldn’t blame the guy he used to work his ass off at office and his profession also was the kind where he barely had time to care about things like food.

He was working on one of his big breaks at that moment. And they obviously needed new ideas to pop up for their company to out perform their competitors. Frank was the second lead to the project and the thought of him not being able to come up with  an idea drove him to work even harder. He stayed up the whole night on caffeine all because he needed to stay awake and not because he liked coffee.

He finally came up with an idea which was decent enough he thought to himself. He called his junior in the team to inform them that there was going to be a meeting in 2 hours it was already 8 in the morning when he made the call. He knew that he would be late for the milkshake place because it was out of his route and the milkshakes are usually sold out by 8 he usually had his when he went out on his morning jogs.

So he skipped past his so called breakfast and went straight up to getting ready for his meeting and left to his office. He finished his meeting with his team and the whole team loved his idea. He was complimented by everyone even Weller who was a tough one to crack appreciated Frank for his idea which was an achievement for him. It was past 12 now and the whole team sat in their places working on Frank’s idea to be presented at the competition that evening.

The presentation was at 4 in the evening and it was around 1 now and they weren’t far from completion. One of their colleagues Drake who had gone out got back panicking. Frank stopped him and asked him what the matter was. He told him that their only rival that they feared that they would lose to had an idea very similar to that of Frank’s. Frank was quiet shaken by these words because he  thought his idea was an original as he had already checked on it on the internet.

Drake left Frank to tell their lead Weller about the news. Weller was shocked at what he had heard as well and they barely had less than 3 hours to prepare with a new idea and also finish the work on it. Weller left them to themselves without even saying a word. Frank was dumbfounded still processing the events happening in his head. Weller gets back to them 20 minutes later with bags filled with food of every kind. Frank didn’t understand what Weller meant by bringing in food to a team who needed ideas. Frank asked him “Whats’s all this about?” He knew Weller didn’t leave them at a time like that just for food for them to snack on.

He replies “Food for thought kids. Snack off on these relax your minds for a bit and lets get back here in 45 minutes.” He didn’t even instruct them to think of ideas and they all dived in to the bags finding the food that they craved for they were all tired from thinking their brains off since last night. Weller himself grabbed a few snacks and called Frank to accompany him. Frank joined him without complains but, he was surprised. He said “So do you have an idea?” after they both were by themselves.Weller replied “No but am sure we’ll figure something out!”

Frank said “What? You don’t have an idea but you’re sitting here snacking on some chips! Am sorry but, I have better things to do.” Frank left angrily and started running his brains over again. I gotta get an idea better than my previous one there’s gotta be a better one, Frank thought to himself frantically pacing up and down the aisle of their office. They all got back at the meeting and Weller asked them. “So does any of you have ideas to share with the us?” Almost all of them were answering him instantaneously except for Frank he was blank.

One of the juniors suggested them an idea which was simple but, also better than Frank’s. All of them agreed on it even Frank was surprised at how good the idea was and how his junior came up with it in such short time. They got right into work and it wasn’t a very complicated idea so there was less to work on also. They made it right on time for the presentation. And their team had won the competition.

Frank still couldn’t fit the pieces or rather place the events  in order for the whole day. They were all out celebrating their success and Frank was by himself thinking on what had happenend, Weller patted him on his back and asked him what was wrong? As Frank didn’t really have a pleasing face despite their win.

Frank said ” I don’t understand! How did Louis come up with such a good idea in such a short timespan.” Weller smiled at Frank and said “An empty stomach is as good as an empty mind.” He continued “When you give your body what it needs and let it relax. It helps you back by working harder and that’s exactly what happened in our office today.”

Frank was still in disbelief that something like food helped those kids to think of ideas which were very impressive.Weller who knew about Frank’s food habits asked him to take care of his body and see the change to himself. And despite what Weller said Frank wanted to give it a go. And what Weller said was right Frank had never felt more productive since, he started eating food and enjoying it not just as a mandate for the body to function.

I love food and would love anything that’s served to me hot or cold , sweet or savory except that it needs to be vegetarian.

Thank you so much for reading I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Feel free to like and leave an opinion on the story as a comment. And by the way who else cannot stay without food leave a comment down below one of the dish that you absolutely love.

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