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E- Expectations

“Looking back I’ve always admired almost everything about Ethan haven’t I” thought Harry. The younger brother of the Drew family who looked up to his elder sibling. Ethan was a brilliant child always standing first in class and faring well even in sports. This made his parents expect the obvious out of him more success. Harry also as a child would look up to his brother as an ideal for those reasons. But, they missed out on the very minor details of Ethan which is the reason why all that they have left of Ethan are his memories whose been away from his home for more than 5 years now.

Harry has very fond memories of him and his brother. Since their childhood Harry was a pampered child not by his parents but by his brother who treasured him as dearly as a parent. They used to play together, wrestle, fight  and Ethan was always there for Harry despite his own work when he needed help with stuff at school or even with social things like making friends. Growing up they did drift apart from when Harry started high school Ethan had left to study for his under- graduation. They still had good connections because every time Ethan came back for holidays he would always be the caring elder brother to Harry.

Harry knew what made Ethan run away from them. The endless expectations from their parents that Ethan fulfill as he grew up made them expect more off him. He remembered his brothers telling him once when he came back from University for holidays “Harry you know I never really tried to be at the top of my class till my high school be it studies or be it sports it all just came together I  always put it minimal efforts into achieving those things. They were not even such great achievements for me.” He said that and chuckled at Harry’s expression and said he was just kidding.

Now that he thinks about it, Ethan always did what his parents wanted from him. But, Harry never heard his parents ask him what he wanted from his life. And that was the most minor yet the biggest detail that their parents missed and maybe even Harry. Like any other parents they choose a path for Ethan to lead a life that would make him into a successful man. Ethan still didn’t say a word he knew how hard their parents had to work for them to afford the lifestyle they have and he appreciated every thing that they’ve ever given him. And he would fulfill all the expectations off him excellently.

One day early in the morning the door bell rang. Ethan was away on a business trip then and Harry was home on his holidays from University. Their mother answered the door and saw that there was no one outside she was about to close the door. But, as she looked down at her feel she found an envelope addressing Matt Drew her husband. She turned it around if there was a senders name. Receiving a letter early in the morning was not something she was used to. She walked back into the house and placed the letter on their table thinking she would give it to her husband when wakes up. They were all at the table and Harry notice the envelope asking whom was that addressed to? She turns and tells that it was for his father and Matt grabs it to open. Matt opens it and he had an expression which Harry had never seen in his life. He rushes to Matt’s side grabbing the letter and reading it out loud so that his mother also could listen to its content:

Dear Mom, Dad and Harry,
This sure must have been a surprise to you guys. Am sorry that I am telling this to you through a letter. Am leaving home. I have thought of ways to put it in a better way but, I couldn’t find any other way. Before you guys get the wrong idea am not eloping or am not terminally sick, am not a drug addict either.  Am going to stay by myself for a while and I cannot define the time period for a while. I am not annoyed at any one of you rather I love the three of you as much as you guys love me. I left not because I wasn’t happy it’s because I want to pursue things that I want rather than doing a job I am barely satisfied with. I am sorry mom I am unable to be the ideal example for Harry that you’ve always wanted me to be. Am sorry dad I cannot find my way through my job and be at a position that you could proudly boast about me. Harry, my boy you’ve been nothing but an adorable yet strong little brother of mine I hope you stay good and take care of them both while I am gone. Please don’t try and contact me. I am not going somewhere dangerous I promise and I will take care of myself. I hope you understand this decision of mine and respect it for what it is. I will come back home please don’t miss me too much.


Their mom holding her head in her hands trying to fight back the tears that have been flowing down her face. His dad in utter disbelief. The whole room was silent and Harry had nothing to say to his parents either because he never thought up until then how much his brother went through. He was equally as guilty as his parents Harry thought. The first few months without Ethan was hard for all the three of them. Their parents came to understand what he really meant. Form then on they didn’t ask a thing off of Harry. They let him pursue what he wanted to and never complained to him. But,they still remember about Ethan at times and , all they wish for is to know his where abouts and know that he was doing well.

Harry gets up from his resting chair walks to his table and turns off his computer. He informs his Assistant that he was leaving and rides his way back home. He was at the end of the lane of his house and he sees a car parked right in front of their house. He parks his car beside the other car and walks inside. As he walks in he hears voices and the most familiar one among them was the voice that he’s missed for 5 years the voice of his elder brother. He rushes inside finding him sitting there beside their mother still sobbing from happiness and their father who had a wide smile, a very pleasant and satisfied one which he hasn’t seen since Ethan left. He hugged his brother and tears rolled out of his eyes unconsciously. “Welcome back” Harry said. “It’s good to be back” replied Ethan smiling at him.


Another one which is different. And I think its common among people to expect things. But, it all depends on the degree of expectations and from whom they are. Ethan met up to all of his parents’ expectations at the cost of his own ambitions. Did you do anything similar to reach up to others expectations leave a comment below if it isn’t too personal for you to share.

Thank you so much for reading I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Feel free to like and leave an opinion on the story as a comment.

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