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B – Beneath And Beyond

Brandon and Emma inside my office gestured their chief. They,got out of their seats and joined their chief in his cabin. He settles himself into his seat clearing his throat and announces that he’s got work for both of them to do. They weren’t really a big organization to be dumped with work. On the contrary they’re usually in office handling the admin work which wasn’t for what they actually got into the place.

They both looked quite excited for obvious reasons. Their chief Max explains them the details of the work. They both eagerly nodded took in notes after all this wasn’t really a daily thing that happened to them. Max finishes his briefing on what is to be done. They just turn to leave and Max calls them back. He tells them that this will be done by both of you together as a team.

Brandon wasn’t quite convinced with the idea. But, because he didn’t have any other choice agreed to what Max said and left. Emma didn’t buy the idea as much as Brandon did. She was a senior so she had hunch over him.She turned to Max and asked him if there was any other way than working in a team. Max gives her a look and that made her leave without a word. Max being the chief knew what their problem was. They’re two polar opposites which were both essential for the task he assigned them. Max was quite concerned himself on how things will turn out but he knew that those two wouldn’t let him down.

Emma was the kind who followed procedure and methodology to the very word. As perfect as she was at her work the same perfection followed through to her personality she liked things in order, clean and organized. Despite that she was not a very easy person to approach. Brandon was quite her opposite a guy who was popular and disorganized. His work is quite like him but, he was the kind who would get work done by finding easier ways even if it meant not to follow things in the right order. They both decide on taking up parts of work and wouldn’t interfere with the others’ work.

Emma would work herself to the bone in order to complete the task. But, Brandon would have already completed a similar one with his smart improvisation. This would get on Emma’s nerves quite often. But, she couldn’t really go to him and ask him his tactics and improvisation because she had her pride as the senior . Max who was observing all this was more than glad that the quality of the work will never go down as far as those two worked diligently. But, what he really wanted was for them to break the ice which was clearly not happening because of their ego’s.

Max calls Brandon in for reviewing his work. Brandon comes out quiet a disappointed face to Emma’s surprise because he usually never got scolded at. She hops out of her chair and walks past to Brandon’s. Brandon looks at her still quite upset. Emma finally speaks up ” What went wrong? You seem quiet upset.” He replies “It doesn’t really matter. Just get back to doing your work! Miss goody two shoes.” Emma was taken aback but she really meant no harm. Brandon knew that but he didn’t really care at the moment.

Emma gets called by Max and she doesn’t come out as happy as she thought she would. She was confused, she was very confident that what she’s done was right and there was nothing lacking in it. Turns out she had missed out on many of the procedures that she had to perform and had interpreted the requirement in a wrong manner. Brandon saw the look on her face. He didn’t really care because he was busy with fixing his own work then.

It was past leaving time and Emma was still struggling her way through her work which was far from completion. Brandon was about to leave and he sees that Emma was still around. Despite the way he acted he kind of felt bad about what he said. He never really disliked Emma it’s just that they’re way too different to get along. He walks past to her and says “Need any help you seem to have been working your ass out.” Emma replies ” Huh, so you’re here to make fun of now go on!” He responds “Hey why don’t you add this formula here and you don’t need to add any procedure to it. *quickly types in the formula and adds a bunch more short-cuts to the document* See?” She observes his typing frantically trying to understand what he doe and hesitantly replies “Thanks”

Brandon settles himself down into a seat beside her and says ” Come on now hand me in half of it.” Emma refuses “This is my share, if you’re already done with yours then leave. I don’t really need your help.” He replies “About that am not really done with it.” She looks at him surprised Mister Know It All did not have a solution to his problem. She finally responds “Okay why don’t you hand me half your work and I’ll give you half of mine!” He nods and takes the documents from her. They both get back to work. This time mutually exchanging opinions but also arguing at the same time.

The next day Max sees the change in their behavior that he was anticipating. He calls both of them into his cabin. They both were quite concerned thinking to themselves what was their mistake this time. But, Max smiles looking at their very worried faces. He says “You guys have done an excellent job! I knew you would make a great team. Emma who goes beyond herself to complete her task because of her sincerity and commitment. And Brandon the brainy and smart guy who loves having everything beneath his grip and never loosing out on details.” Those words made them both realize that this was all Max’s plan from the beginning but they weren’t mad as they learnt their lessons from it. Rather they smiled back at Max and walked back to their seats.

Thank you so much for reading I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Feel free to like and comment your opinion on the story.

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