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A – Any Other Day

She walks past him like any other day. Leaving him by himself with the after math of her lingering scent. He follows her through his eyes as she makes her way through the crowd in an awkward yet graceful way. Settling herself down at her seat which was right beside the window. Wasting no time she plugs herself out of the busy noisy classroom into her own little imaginative world with her earphones. He sees her off till the class starts and scones to himself about not being able to speak up to her like any other day. He even wrote down lines this time.

Off she goes to the library he thinks as she gets out of her seat after the last class. He knows this because he follows her around after school. Today was not going to be an exception to it. He joins her in the quiet rusty library not directly but in pretension. Though actually those books he held were nothing but black and white print not any more special than the books of his classes. Like any other day he would leave ten minutes earlier than she does. Practices his speech and waits for her near the school exit.

He thinks it would be strange and that it’d rather be better if he left like any other day. He takes a step forward to leave and senses that she was quite close to him. Yet again her earphones plugged in and she walking her way home. He stands there in the same stance so as for him to leave home. He tucks his hands into his pocket and takes a step forward and turns around. Releasing one of his hands and waving at her awkwardly.

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She looks at his hand and then his face surprised but not shocked. She unplugs her earphones. And he says “Hi, am Andrew from the same class as yours!”. She nods and responds “Am Anna, and I know that we’re both from the same class.” He replies to her saying ” I know you’re Anna, I’ve always wondered what kind of music you used to listen to that made you look so happy” She answers “Wanna listen?”. He was totally taken aback but of course he didn’t refuse to the offer. He was listening to the music which didn’t get into his head even a bit. He finally picks up the courage and asks her “Could we possibly be friends?”  “Sure!” she replies almost instantaneously. He thinks to himself “am glad I didn’t leave without speaking to her like any other day.

Thank you so much for reading I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Feel free to like and comment your opinion on the story.


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