About that

A late post!

But, I do not want to regret by not posting it even though it is a day late. This is the first time am taking the A To Z Challenge. And the Great Theme reveal has been on my mind ever since I’ve signed up for it.

I’ve been brain storming about possible ideas that could make my challenge more interesting. And I feel like I would decide on a theme but couldn’t continue with it because it is not suitable for one of the words and I couldn’t find an appropriate word for the theme.

So, the theme for my first A To Z Challenge is Story time.

Image taken from Google.

Which is basically a topic with the letter of the day but with an interesting short or not story.There’s a little background to the this theme. I grew up listening to my grand father telling us stories before our bed time and that was the time I used to look forward to the most so there came the theme. Please look forward to the posts .Thank you so much for reading through this short kinda notice I guess. More about the Challenge Here

Happy A To Z Challenge everyone!!


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