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So she says

I tell her it will be okay

She says that it wont

I ask her why

She says it’s complicated

I ask her what’s on her mind

She talks about her mess crying

I console her and give her a solution

She says it isn’t that easy

I ask her the reason

She says it is beyond what it seems like it is

I ask her to explain the depths of the problem

She tells me I wouldn’t understand

I stand there confused

She is sad

I ask her what is wrong in the solution

She says I’ll understand if you were in my shoes

I was persistent despite all that

She says it doesn’t matter any more

I couldn’t comprehend to her feelings

She  leans onto me her tears making marks on my shirt

I could only lend her my shoulder for comfort

She meets me the next day

I know she’s trying to be normal but she isn’t

She acts as if the conversation we had never existed

I couldn’t help but follow through with her actions

She never spoke of it with me again

I assumed she has found her own cure to it

She was still suffering on the inside

I didn’t have the insight to see that

She was doing great so she looked like

I could tell she has moved on

She seemed happier than she ever was so she looked like

I thought she found her peace

She calls me around midnight

I knew at the very moment what it was about

She sobs out of breath

I ask her is it the same reason

She remains silent

I take that as a yes

She talks to me about how bad it is than before

I don’t give her a solve

She notices that despite her state of mind

I listen to her talk with her hoarse throat

She asks why haven’t  I given her a solve yet?

I tell her because I am in her shoes

She cries even harder until she cries herself to sleep

I see her the next day

She sees me and

I see her puffy eyes

“I am okay”

So she says….





2 thoughts on “So she says”

  1. Tough to gain any ground when the other side of the conversation is ambiguous and lacking any precise information. I’ve been in situations like that and it’s not easy.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


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