They wear me everyday with the start of their day(few sleep with me on them)

They look at me and have a petrified expression (pretty much everyday)

They forget about me and run to do what they ought to do

They blame it on me when they are late

They don’t look at me unless they feel their stomach growling

They look at me and then again off they go with their own work

They ocassionally creases their head with me and sometimes their hair gets stuck to me

They use me as a paper weight when they are out of the paper weights

They look at me and realize its time to go home

They meet up with others of their kind and have a conversation

They use me as a status symbol (and I don’t know why because I only do what I am supposed to do and a few added functions if you have the new me!)

They look at me while they are on the  go with tensed yet a satisfied look(never know what that means)

They look at me and they give me a smile and put me back to my place

I am a wrist watch.

Some of them are very friendly to me and treat me well

Some only see me as a tool that shows time

Some pass me on for generations and I have a very mixed feeling about that

Despite all that when I leave them in the end I leave them with a mark on their wrist

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing this piece. Wrist watches are one of the most important things of my life and I cannot imagine my day without them! Please feel free to comment your opinions and like the blog post.



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