Where it all began…


Pokémon I choose you!

The most famous and the most fascinating dialogue we all used to wait for when we were kids. My love for cartoons dates back to from when I was a kid like any other person. Watching your favourite TV shows especially Pokémon was an all time favourite for everyone I knew. Well am not degrading Tom and Jerry here or any other cartoon (I love them all) but in our time it was all about Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z. Now that’s a childhood that all of us are aware of and still look back to and enjoy.

But, I’ve always loved cartoons and even used to watch many shows even till my 12th or so. Then one day my brother got this series called Bleach and that one anime changed my life ever since and am not kidding you. No! I literally love anime, give me a job for telling people whether their work was good like an anime critic or something I’d jump to the opportunity. It all started from me watching the first episode of Bleach which didn’t sync in well cause am usually not the kind of person who likes action or more like Shounen anime. And then as I got into the anime and the characters I enjoyed it incredibly. Then came a point where I already was done with the episodes that my brother had got from his friend and I was like what that’s it and so he told me there are anime websites online to watch the episodes there after. And there it was my heaven I finished Bleach in no time. Then started searching a lot of anime which were of romantic comedy genre I mean I was in my teens I was like any other girl,  drifting off into fantasy land which would never be true (slight exaggeration).

Then another paradise opened to me which I don’t really know where this started from but am sure it was Bleach which continued after the anime of course which was the MANGA world. Manga is basically nothing but your normal Astrix or Tin tin or Marvel or DC comics but a Japanese version of the same. The world of Manga shook me even more because there were more diverse genre I could choose from and oh my god I was addicted to them literally, am in control now with a great effort. And I discovered that many other anime I used to watch were also continued in manga and of course I had to read them. There are still so many manga I want to read and a few of them made into anime because they are that amazing.

Manga, I read them everyday and my mother scolds me saying why do you keep reading those. The answer is they are a story beautifully portrayed into pictures and dialogues and at the end of it they leave you with a great message of how you have to be or how not. I wasn’t really a great book lover from when I was young I’d rather watch them than read them. But, now even if you give me a book basically fiction with a good story line I feel like I can take it up and read it might take me longer than a normal person but I will read it because the amount of manga that I read will surely help me picture the images in my head as I read along the lines just like a comic book. And I love reading a comic book (manga) never really gave a go to the American comic artist.

I might be sounding like a complete freak by the time you read this. But, let me tell you Bleach or as a matter of fact any TV/book series that you’ve ever watched/read in your life there’s always a message except for the one for the shows meant for kids below 6 I mean you might make meaning out of it too that’s great. Coming back, Bleach had a huge impact on me more like it made me think that whatever I’ve been doing up till now for the people that matter to me was nothing when compared to the characters in it. There are so many anime/manga I can name to you that made me who I am right now, might sound really really unrealistic but they did. I never knew there was a world beyond the music I used to listen to and then I came across this anime called Nodame Cantabile which changed my whole perspective about music. The friendship and the bond they show in Fairy Tale amazed me and made me think of these silly fights we have with our friends is nothing in front of what they’ve been through together. And as I said I can keep going on and on.

I am so sorry if I’ve bored any of you with this but I had to write at least one post about my most favourite part of my day so. And by no means am I saying that you should also watch anime or read manga. All I want to say is its not all bull crap when you watch something or read something or listen to it or play some game am sure there’s a meaning behind it so take that meaning in a positive way not always that works but mostly it does.

Hahaha a very open ended ending gonna leave you with that for now. Hope you liked this blog post. Most of my posts except for one are my own experiences. I will try writing in  different genre on the blog!



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