Memories, these are all am living for if I have to put it bluntly. There is a reason why you call a moment a memory like it might be because it was too sad, a very happy one, a very bitter lesson, a traumatizing one which you will never forget, or one that has changed your life forever. Those bitter, sweet, sad and exciting memories are the ones that stay with you despite everything that has changed around you. I am a very emo person if you know me personally and I have many memories that I still recollect and laugh at myself and at the same time even feel sad.

These are a few that I recollect from my time when I was in school. I went to the same school for twelve years so I might be a little too attached to it.
I remember there was this time when I was in my Lower kindergarten and I used to go home in the school bus. That one day I happen to have fallen asleep and missed my stop. I remember it was a rainy day. I was taken by the bus driver to the schools main building and was asked for my school diary which had my contact information. And the sad part is I don’t really remember the bus drivers face whom am ever so great full to even today. Complaining to my class teacher that my class mate is  stealing my food. I remember one day when I was called out of class to the schools infirmary to see that my little brother had a white band aid covering his head like a head band which was because he was playing in the swing and he swung so hard that he hit his head right into the trunk of the tree. I was little too and looking at his blood stained uniform made me feel helpless and all I did was cry.

The time when I shared my first pocket money with my best friend for buying our favorite canteen snack (aloo 65) and gobbling it up in no time. Dealing with the fact that your birthday is in the summer holidays and you will never get the special attention for that one day from the whole class. Your first movie with all your class mates and you’re all excited to watch it with your friends that you make a huge fuss just in order to sit right beside them. The time when I cried my eyes out on the phone with my friend who was separated from me to another section. My first time being bullied by a guy sitting next to me because I had just recovered from chicken pox. When you rush back home to catch up with pokemon and Power Rangers.

Getting caught while copying for a class test and being glared at by the teacher incharge. Polishing your shoes when you have  white(canvas) shoes day and covering the dirty parts with chalk. I used to like a senior of mine and I was so mesmerised that I could even bunk classes just to have a glimpse of him. Helping out your bestie with their love life by meeting her boyfriends bestie and helping them in meeting up. Having a gang of your younger brothers friends that are always ready to protect you. Being caught by your class teacher doing something which you’re never allowed to and that becoming a very big issue. That one time when your whole class gets held back after school hours and still has fun.

Making fun of your teachers when you get to sit in the last benches. Engraving our names into the wooden benches with code words and thinking that was cool. Bunking school half day through. Taking advantage of the fact that your best friend is a member of the student body of the school (prefect of the school). Having your seniors taking your class photo where phones aren’t allowed into the school. Dealing with completion of records and numerous lab exams and making sure you don’t screw up anywhere because those are easy marks. Having my farewell where I was consoling everyone and ended up crying along with them. Taking pictures with all the teachers and the places that you’ll never forget. Going back to your kindergarten teacher and thanking her for taking care of you. Taking pictures with countless people who’ve taken care of you all through those years. Realizing that you have to get studying and gearing up with your books. First time facing an exam outside your school and having to deal with the tension. Revising in the last minute even though you know nothing is going into your head. Getting super nervous for your results that you pray to all the gods in the world. Feeling so excited and happy that you’ve actually done so well despite the disappointing results in your mocks and calling up all your friends and enquiring how they did. Going back to school and reporting in your results and thanking your teachers for their guidance. These are my memories about my schooling. I still might have been missing out on a few but these are all I could come up with and remember. I hope you enjoyed reading my memories of school and could relate and they walked you back to your time in school.



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