The withered yet pretty leaves

The cold breezes.

The very early sunsets.

Streets filled with little bonfire to keep the watchmen warm.

Flaky pale skin.

Cozy stuff coming out like sweaters,socks,gloves,fire wood,candles,hot beverages and most of all those cuddly fluffy comfy blankets (quilts).

These are a few things that come to my mind when people say its winter.

Winter,fall, the cold season I know these all mean the same but its my favourite season. There’s always been something so exciting about this time of the year that gets me all fuzzy in the stomach.

The most obvious or maybe not being its the perfect pleasant weather, its not too cold, not too hot that it’ll burn my skin with a tan like summer, is not too humid,moist and wet like the rainy season.

The morning sun isn’t as harsh as it is usually just a pleasant warmth that you’ll need. The night’s come in sooner and stay longer which gives me more time to sleep. This is super weird but my body automatically resets itself to more sleep mode because its so hard for me usually but if its  winter then it’s like a billion times more harder for me to get out of bed.

There are more reasons why I love winter, it comes with my all time favourite festival diwalii the festival of lights and fireworks and so much more fun stuff(meaning food). And there’s more  it’s the end of the year which gets me excited obviously cause it’s gonna be a new year and who doesn’t get excited for a new year right!??

This is the only time of the year where I wanna go out and have a short walk around just for the sake of enjoying the weather which is so lovely, beautiful and winteryy. Well I sure don’t have a boyfriend but I know it’s a cozy season where everyone curls up with their family in front of the TV and enjoy a good old family show.

It also makes wanna experience snow which is one thing I haven’t experienced I mean we don’t really have snow falling around here so that’s kinda like my first bucket list thing to do in winters. I do not know much about the stars and astronomy but for sure the sky shows so many more stars around this time of the year that also makes me feel happy cause I really like a sky filled with stars (again a bucket list kinda thing).

Winter also gives me a good excuse to dress cozy because am the kind of person who loves wearing sweaters, jumpers and all those comfy clothes. Strange enough its also the time when I eat more than usual maybe cause it’s like a festive season . And I think this sums up to the end of my rambles about all things I love about winter. I hope you enjoyed my clumsy and not at all perfect post on all things that l love about this season.


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